Imperial government, jeongyujaeran spring Jubilee enjoy opening ceremony

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Sioux City plum bloom in early spring, poetic thick, is the new season of students enrollment of students, their aspirations, family elders expectations, the new semester, a new starting point of extraordinary significance......

A traditional and special "opening ceremony", the teacher used traditional etiquette influence students, arouse children's attention and learning to cherish, they set up for the knowledge of traditional culture to make the "opening ceremony" this word is no longer far away from us.

Jeongyujaeran new year thirteen January, the Suzhou Museum held "jeongyujaeran champion go spring and enjoy the Jubilee opening ceremony".

Dress up

Clean up, read and do things

The opening ceremony the first lesson is to dress up, let the students pay attention to their grooming. The students are approached, teachers to help them organize clothes. Equivalent to clear up the train of thought, but also to the sages, teachers respect.


Cinnabar, wisdom, eye, Ming Xinliang

The teacher took a dip in red sand brush, red mole in the student at the center point between the eyebrows, "mole" through "wisdom", meaning wisdom, sustenance of good wishes, meaning children from the eye Ming, a good read, read good books.

Write herringbone

This man, dignified and imposing

The teacher tells the writing and the meaning of word, the children came up with a brush on paper to write the word "person" in turn, want their children to learn how to behave, that person must be dignified and imposing conduct, be like the word "man" that of indomitable spirit.

Recite classics

Read the classics and teach the world

"The weather is right, the rain is against the wind.". Continents to the sky......" Lang Lang's reading sound echoed in the more than 200 year champion mansion. The teacher led the students to feel the charm of classical literature and to feel the feelings of the ancients. They promoted the fine traditional culture and taught the principles of human life.

Tea ceremony

Drinking tea etiquette infiltrates the mind and body

The teacher hands with a cup of tea, refined and cultured, courteous and accessible to students, before bowing and whispered "please tea", the students say "thank you", and with both hands, slowly tasting. Teach students not only the way of getting along with people of etiquette, and dignified appearance and elegant mood, feel the essence of tea culture.


Respect teachers, diligent study

The end of the event, the children are given to the teachers and parents, tell them that the new semester, they are all ready. The opening ceremony as they grow up in a happy and unforgettable memories, also to take this opportunity to let them win their hearts from the winter vacation, hope to be able to respect teachers, study hard in the new semester.