Social education, happy 61, touch the history, childlike innocence

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Held in Imperial Museum "joy 61, childlike innocence" educational activities, seemingly rigid and profound knowledge of history in the imperial Museum social education manager picked green to explain, be lively and vivid. The simple lectures and interesting historical allusions have aroused the children's intense interest in Chinese history. Although the tour was a long line and faced hundreds of years ago and even thousands of years ago, the children listened very carefully and with great interest. From time to time they asked, "Why are the one hundred thousand?":

Does the emperor have a secretary?

Any boy can wear?

How about going to the toilet for a long time in ancient times? ...... 

Oh, children's really cute. However, our teacher answers the children's questions with patience and delicacy. In the laughter, the children have absorbed the fine ancient history of China, and enjoyed the beautiful landscape of the early summer, and cultivated the sentiment. This 61 is quite substantial.

After visiting the imperial Museum and stone garden Museum of stone carving art, pick up the green teacher took the children came to the reception room, took out ready for collection of Imperial treasures and ancient imperial examination treasures, so that children can touch relics, zero feel the charm of history. See hundreds of years of cultural relics placed in front of their eyes, the children are eager, very excited, and cherish this rare opportunity to watch carefully and touch the precious cultural relics. Young hearts also gradually buried as descendants of China, love national history and culture and proud of the seeds.

Seeing ancient imperial examinations, books and examination papers, we learned about the imperial examination system which has been practiced for more than 1300 years in Chinese history, and the children have lamented that the ancient examinations were harder than ours. It was really not easy. Yes, children, from ancient times, success is not easy, all need unremitting efforts and struggle.

At the end of the event, the children also experienced a small imperial examination to see how well the children wrote!


The "happy 61, touch the history, childlike innocence" is a success. The imperial Museum aims to organize such activities, let me in the museum artifacts on display at the same time, with inheriting the splendid 5000 year history of the mission, give full play to the social educational function of the museum, for indoctrination and training in the historical and cultural heritage of the next generation, we make a modest.