White jade Holly hunt fish roof

Age: Yuan Dynasty

Size: 12 cm high

Contents: there was no scientific excavation of the furnace and jade dragon in the Yuan Dynasty Tombs so far. A copper incense burner in Shanghai Jiading tower, Palace of the Earth of Yuan Dynasty unearthed in Yuan Dynasty, copper furnace cover, no special block button for the top, but the top cover plate and the cover is hollow, a dragon, as a whole, that have no such element objects embedded in the top. So in the Yuan Dynasty, the new jade would most likely be cap.

The jade is including those unearthed or handeddown Loudiao, Toudiao jade jade picture button is not really from the archaeological confirmed, and in the yuan painting clothing also only plain no pattern of the crown, not carved, engraved on the crown, but this does not mean that these carved, carved through the is not the yuan crown after the Ming Dynasty, with the heads of people with hair instead of crown cap, so the number of the Yuan Dynasty to the old crown top, to make a lot of the crown and the roof are mixed, it is difficult to distinguish. In addition, the Ming Dynasty also imitated this style production such as roof, Yi Ming tomb unearthed jade Xuan that hollow Yuanyang play lotus button, it and the the Imperial Palace old Tibet in the Ming Dynasty jade Shoumian Wen Chong ear furnace on Liangai Yuanyang Xian red sandalwood wood button shapes are similar, this is the new generations of people are called top jade the reason.