The white marble kneeling sheep

The ancients believed that the sheep out of spirituality, to debate the right and wrong, hanging sheep head in the door to the legend in addition to the thief, hung sheep can drive evil. In addition to the ancient "sheep" and "Xiang" in general, a mausoleum Shinto auspicious meaning.

Treasure town park on behalf of the white marble Shiyang, it weighs about seven tons, according to the original stone natural form, using Yuandiao, relief, line engraving techniques such as carved. The lying sheep horns and twisting, the limbs squat, head neck posture, tall and handsome, sculptures concise, strong sense of the overall shape of the body, strong robust, simple and lively, maintained a rustic powerful style of Han Dynasty stone carving.

Shiyang was placed in the tomb stone beast ranks also in order to ward off evil, Shiyang is originally a prototype called Xiezhi "unicorn, the animal can distinguish the loyal the unicorn is punishing the evil weapon, where evil men see it and it's all because of a unicorn from angle of the head, so sheep image is also extended to the evil ranks, combined into a mausoleum tombstone beast camp.