Daoguang thirteen years / six years Xianfeng hereditary indiscriminately for dragon imperial hand-painted edge

Age: Qing Dynasty (1833 AD)

Size: vertical 33 cm, horizontal 485 cm

Texture: Silk

Content: is the royal clan general Zhelin Fengguo son inherited the fixed Kui Feng en general, Xianfeng six years Kui set died by his eldest son inherited his father's title to Jade Feng en general. Hereditary indiscriminately for the long side decree, is a cross of light, Xianfeng two monarchs issued by the hand side imperial dragon investitive. The use of color is extremely elegant; Chinese calligraphy is full control Juan is a very handsome, outstanding works of calligraphy; the first package in Zhijin refining technology of precious to represent the Royal luxury.

(1) the decree a total length of 352 cm, 44 for the hand of Yunlong, Dan master, mineral hand painting system, true to life very beautiful.

(2) the emperor clan can enjoy spanning two generations of Kings rare decree.

(3) the special shape, the production of sophisticated, graceful neat writing, the first gold brocade binding package is more elegant and precious.

(4) four Yuxi seal cover.