Apocalypse six years royal decree

Apocalypse six years December 29th Royal

Age: Ming Dynasty (1626 AD)

Size: 30cm, x, 465cm

Texture: Silk

Content: awarded to Li Congxin great grandparents of the royal. Li Congxin is an official product, imperial shading woven with auspicious clouds, Zuikaku pattern, color more gorgeous rich. This picture is colorful brocade imperial crane, a total length of 4.6 meters, write 434 words, is an impressive array of every phrase a gem. It is the great river Viceroy military affairs, Prime Minister of letters, Prince Edward Taibao department minister and deputy governor of Douchayuan right censor Li Congxin parents praise their jiaoziyoufang, Li Congxin, a source of drinking water, do products and good reputation, so his great grandfather to Guanglu doctor. All because of his great grandfather, Li Jing's great grandmother, jia. (Li Congxin, Henan, Puyang, Le county people).