Orthodox seven years long edge of imperial silk

Orthodox seven years June 25th rescript

Age: Ming Dynasty (1442 AD)

Size: 36cm, x, 180cm

Texture: Silk

Content: the orthodox seven years, issued to the yuan submitted a general Xu Xing, the full text of 489 words, the text summarized in the late Ming Xing Xu joined the sun crossing, Xu Hong Jian repeated their power, so after the exile died. The family was to process the Hongzhi eleven years, seven years from the orthodox throughout the span of 560 years, this decree after the storm and the flames of war, long preserved, but also not easy. The decree is the eight party seal stamp collection, one for collectors from the cover of pseudo India, namely: the Royal treasure, the rest are square mark: Li Tong's a true collector; smoke endless reservoir; Shanghai Xu Shan collection of painting and calligraphy stone jade box printing; Yanling heart tours; Pan Minde Pan Jian identified more than Koubao reward; John's speech;