Candidates cheat books

Age: Guangxu in Qing Dynasty

Content: the imperial examination of the heavily-guarded can not stop cheating in the pocket, "four books by purpose" with about five cm high, three cm wide, divided into two volumes in a clever book box, this box only slightly larger, printed, installed post is quite elegant. In order to hide with convenience has small to be small printed in Guangxu Ji Hai Spring stone India (1893). Laughing is on the title page cidiwuyin three hundred that "carry on reading notes, not into the examination room, that publisher's tricky cunning, once betrayed can prevent cheating implicate yourself, although this book was printed in more than 100 years ago, the book word size is only two mm square, only a small note mm square. The strokes as thin as hair. A total of two words on the two volumes, including all the four books and notes, visible when the level of the printing plate stone subtlety. What is rare is that the book has been in good condition for more than one hundred years.


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