Jade dancers in Han Dynasty

Age: Han Dynasty

Size: 12 cm high

Content: people are dancing jade bow long sleeved dancing women, they are the typical female image, is a professional dance Kabuki people. From the beginning of Xia and Shang, female performance has become the main form of palace of pleasure. To the Han Dynasty, from the palace, to keep the merchant princes, female is very common, and the female is how much power and rich symbolism, jade dance people unearthed in the tombs are among the princes of relatives. At the same time, the society also appeared female specialized training institutions, they have "dance sleeve dance" and "seven disc dance", "towel dance", is based on the jade dance the dance style. Although there are social inferiority, but their superb dancing has greatly promoted the prosperity of the art of dance. Let me see that a rotation of the jade dance, long sleeves waving, lightly twisted waist skirt, show a beautiful features, the moment, the most vivid and song and dance, fixed on a smart jade representation of the Han Dynasty dance art charm.