The Western Han Dynasty jade Long Fengpei

Western Han Dynasty

Size 8.5 cm, width 3 cm

Content: sapphire sheet. Deep blue color plane shuangdiao. The pattern with dragon and Phoenix, dragon and Phoenix in Phoenix, and fit to, side by side.

In traditional Chinese auspicious patterns, dragon and phoenix is one of the most auspicious patterns. The dragon is whirled up long, mouth, looking back the Phoenix wings tail, and from the dragon. Yangshao culture sites have unearthed a "dragon and phoenix" pottery flask. That dragon originated in the new period seven thousand or eight thousand years ago, and it is synchronous, this jade dragon Pei, deep green color sheet, double plane. The dragon dragon pattern as the main body, fit, stare, side by side. Contains rich cultural phenomenon has a long history, the dragon and phoenix is the symbol of the Chinese nation and the seal, emblem and symbol. If the future of traditional cultural symbol of the Chinese nation according to the functional effects of the size of a row of seating, the dragon is to sit first chair, then the second is on the phoenix.