The delta of Kant's four years like Syria Xun

Age: Twenty-seven years in the Republic of China

Size: vertical 47, horizontal 65 cm

Texture: paper

Content: according to the puppet government in April 19, 1934 announced the decree: "a medal and the medal on matters" issued by, issued the so-called "national order of merit for a". The design of the king cloud medal was designed by Professor Gao Yi, a professor at the advanced polytechnic school in Tokyo, Japan, who was responsible for making the changes under the idea of Pu yi. Keiun order consists of a eight bit to Hoon Hoon eight grades: reward. Grace. Grace. (refer to the emperor of Liege and came to favor) court reward. The prime minister Zhang Jinghui and the Minister for reward director Fujiyama Yiyu for praise song Weimin decoration eight keiun medal, Manchuria treasure imperial seal.