China Folklore Society China Folk Museum in Beijing held a grand union organizing Conference

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In April 28, 2017, Chinese Folklore Society Chinese Folk Museum union organizing meeting was held in Beijing museum. Invite Beijing, Tianjin more than 10 provinces and cities in more than 30 Folk Museum and private museum representatives, experts and scholars, China China folklore society society of cultural relics collection appraisal committee, China private museum Federation, and important people of collectors in a copolymerization. CPPCC Standing Committee member Wang Wei, member of the CPPCC National Committee, the Chinese Yanhuang Culture Research Association, honorary vice president of the Chinese inkstone Culture Development Association honorary president Liu Hongjun, member of the CPPCC National Committee, the State Cultural Relics Bureau deputy director Zhang Bai, Beijing City Cultural Relics Bureau deputy director Yu Ping, Beijing Chaoyang District Culture Commission Director Gao Chunli, Chinese Folklore Society president Chogokin, Chinese Folklore Society vice president and Secretary General Ye Tao, Chinese society of cultural relics collection appraisal committee chairman Wang Bingxin, the National Federation of private museums, the Museum of Imperial China executive chairman to Chairman Zhou Qing Ming, executive director Zhou Zihan and imperial Museum consultant experts in Sheng ting and other leaders and guests attended the meeting. This conference is to promote the integration of folk cultural heritage resources, the establishment of cooperation and exchange mechanism between state-owned and non state museums, complementary advantages and sharing of resources.

The meeting is divided into two parts: the opening ceremony of the morning and the forum in the afternoon. At nine o'clock a.m., the opening ceremony was officially opened at the Beijing folk art museum "Dongyue Art Museum", which was presided over by Gao Chunli, director of the Chaoyang District cultural committee. Chogokin, President of the Chinese folklore society, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and former deputy director of the State Bureau of cultural relics, Mr. Yu Ping, deputy director of the Bureau of cultural relics of Beijing City, respectively delivered speeches. Subsequently, Cao Yansheng, director of the Beijing Folk Museum, read the proposal to all the delegates. Chinese folk Association vice president and Secretary General Ye Tao and the Nanjing Museum of folk institute director Lu Jianfang respectively to the "Museum" of folklore and folk customs and "thinking and practice" Nanjing Museum Cultural Heritage show and performances of the title, as the keynote speech. The sun shines brightly, and the guests visited the Dongyue Temple, temple area and their exhibition under the explanation of curator Cao Yansheng, and experienced the long history of the temple.

It is noteworthy, jointly organized by the consulate and the Beijing Folk Museum "read purpose - decree Museum Cultural Relics Exhibition" is on display in the warm. During the visit, chairman Zhou Qingming explained to the guests at the meeting, about the collection experience, historical value and cultural origin of the exhibition of cultural relics.

Zhou Qingming, chairman of introduction of cultural undertakings, go15, imperial Museum as the carrier of Chinese traditional culture, nature has the responsibility and obligation to promote cultural exchange and inheritance work, 17 years to a museum collection of artifacts, not indulge in self-admiration, will have profound cultural communication to the public. The museum jointly organized the "read only" imperial Museum - cultural relics exhibition, the museum for the state-owned and non state-owned Museum cooperation model has extraordinary significance.

At two o'clock pm, start the forum meeting. The guests discussed the contemporary functions of the Folk Museum, the current situation and development trend of the private museum, and how to strengthen the cooperation and exchange between the state-owned Museum and the non-state museum. We in-depth exchanges, harmonious atmosphere of the meeting, each one airs his own views, especially the Nanchang Folk Museum curator Mei Lianhua "Chinese Folk Museum alliance how to play the positive role of improving the quality of Folk Museum and Museum of imperial thinking" in history experts consultant Sheng Ting "Folk Museum Research" and "road" wonderful speech, the delegates bursts of applause.

The activities of the support and propaganda media,, Chinese daily, Chinese youth network, China network, Tencent, Taiwan China Yan net net, net,, Chinese future culture, Chinese environment news, view the heart art of living more than twenty media were reported. And the use of current "live" trend, whether it is conference or presentation of cultural relics, the whole broadcast live, attracted tens of thousands of people to participate in the watch, the spread of museum culture played a "immediate effect of the people.".