Australia Griffith University principals and teachers visit the imperial Museum

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With the warm spring breeze, the imperial Museum ushered in the guests from afar - Australia Griffith University principals and teachers.

Time goes by, the museum has become the imperial Griffith University China cultural practice base, is already the third year.

The headmaster and teachers visited the stone garden and Guishan Tomb, imperial museum.

Little rock garden spring, the recovery of all things, in spring breeze shook the spring flower, flowers, Ying Yan dance, bees wander among flowers, beautiful. The headmaster and teachers with a guide way, little Stone Park "harmony" concept, the overall layout of the mountain, well-proportioned, both Jiangnan garden balcony pavilions, bridges, and the North Garden Hill stones, Chu feng. The display of the country for the stone carving, wood carving, brick and other large cultural relics and various monuments to more than 1000 pieces, is an impressive array of Tianbao. They all exclaimed sigh over the beautiful natural scenery, beautiful spring scenery have raised the camera to record the stone in the garden.

The headmaster and teachers taught master in rubbings under the guidance of, put the stone surface clean, in the extension of the pattern or text as much as possible flossing is clear, with the proper size paper cover, and then gently put the paper wet, wet paper paper paper covered with a protection layer of soft water, gently knock down with a brush, the wet paper is attached on the surface, with its ups and downs bump text pattern. Then remove the layer of paper covered with wet paper, slightly dry after use, Pu Zi dipped in ink, apply evenly on the face gently flapping, beat in raised images, finally formed the rubbings of no confusion. In the rubbing process, the best use of water hyacinth bletilla wetting paper, it can make the surface to be attached to the extension of the stuck paper better. Small rubbing, can use soft brush, soft brush wetting, large rubbing, towel wetting. The size of the flapping depends on the size of the object to be expanded. The new cotton inside, plus a layer of impermeable tissue, most covered with silk, string or rubber band zhazhu. On the face does not fold to sub dip, slightly drum heart flutter. In a short while everyone did the same thing. The whole process was vivid and interesting, and it also made the principals and teachers of Griffith University understand the charm of China's traditional art!

The trip to the Chinese cultural experience impressed the principals and teachers of Griffith University in australia. Have said: in the past, teachers and students to participate in the experience of the museum will go back to school after all, enough, hope to have the opportunity to once again came to the imperial Museum learning.

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