Curator of the Jinhua Museum in Suizhou and came to the imperial museum visit

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Recently, the Jinhua City Museum curator Xu Wei, Suizhou Huaxia museum curator Hu Jiuzhou line came to my shop to visit, and I shop Zhou Qingming chairman Zhou Zihan, executive director of the agreement, to reach a consensus on the future of interlibrary exchanges and cooperation issues.

Since 1980s, non state owned museums rise and growth, greatly enrich and improve the overall pattern of National Museum, fill the many gaps in the field, has become an indispensable part of China in museums. Imperial Museum as a non-state-owned Museum outstanding member of the search, protection, restoration, research on Huang Du cultural relics, founded the first imperial Museum for 17 years, is currently the largest and earliest Imperial Emperor slips as the carrier of the culture museum.

From 2015 to 2016, our museum has been invited to participate in the tour in Jiangsu Province, and both of them have achieved good social repercussions both at home and abroad. In 2017, the museum will include the national tour as one of the key tasks.

Xu Wei, director of director Hu Jiuzhou visited the imperial Museum, stone garden stone sculpture museum, imperial museum director Zhou Qingming, executive vice curator of Zhou Zihan, accompanied by Xu Lemei. During the visit, President Zhou Qingming briefed the guests about the many cultural relics collection experience, historical and cultural origins, get the welcome guests to praise. Curator Xu Wei said: "the non - state museums are so careful in their traditions that they should be able to appreciate such fine relics.".

After the visit of the inter library cooperation and exchange conference, the executive director Zhou Zihan introduced to your colleagues as a private museum, to achieve long-term stability and sound operation of the museum experience. The development of history, I display the Ministry of Museum exhibition Chen leaves detached manager has created the imperial Museum in recent years interlibrary exchanges and cooperation, cultural education, international exchanges and other detailed reports.

Subsequently, Xu Wei, curator curator Hu Jiuzhou said that the imperial Museum has formed a full and accurate data, clear the history of imperial decree, collection of the records, has the extremely precious historical value, often lost to fill some of the historical details. At the same time, from different aspects of the Chinese nation to display the colorful traditional culture, but also reflects the magnificent, turbulent changes in the times. The quality and quantity of collection and degree of standardization, in many non state museums are second to none, admire chairman Zhou et al. Department of neurosurgery. Single handedly founded the determination and perseverance of the museum. To make decree Museum in education and international exchange efforts greatly and achievements, it is worth a lot of Museum learning.

The exchange has been fruitful, and we have made sure that our museum will cooperate with the Jinhua Museum and the Suizhou Huaxia Museum in the future, and we have made clear the direction of academic exchanges and cooperation. It lays a good foundation for the sharing of resources among museums, strengthening cooperation, exchanging needed goods and achieving win-win situation.