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Shunzhi three towards the seven dragon seal edge of royal decree

If you ask "imperial edict" as it is, I believe most Chinese will not feel strange. Because, as long as you read some classical opera, or several historical TV series, have seen the eunuch Senji scene. A Huang Ling (cloth), on both sides of a shaft, written on the "imperial edict" two characters, is a palace Eunuch in reading: "hands flat and the Qin emperor Chao said, follow the providence!" This is the result of perceptual picture art processing, only the speaking of "imperial edict", is clearly not enough.

"Imperial" as the emperor exclusive idiopathic court paperwork, it includes announced major events, the transmission of the important thought of the encyclical, and promoted officials award appointment and punishment, a canonization, throne Zen, military conscription, tax levy Juan, etc.. As the emperor and all subjects known to express the wishes of all can be converted into "imperial edict" content.

"Imperial edict", is the emperor of the book.

"Imperial edict", is the power of the book.

"Imperial edict", is released, people a total compliance of the law.

"Imperial edict", is not the discount policy, Every order is executed without fail.


Chongzhen three years in April 30th

"Imperial edict", whether as an important form of imperial culture, slips or kings will express carrier, it is a kind of China and always associated with the existence of imperial power and spiritual existence. In other words, "the authority of the influence of imperial edict" contains the power potential and publicity, to play a huge role in history and life of the country.


Shunzhi three towards the seven dragon seal edge of royal decree

A shaft is an eternal temptation together into history. If you want to know the history, the decree will open a window for you.