Great China, times change and interpretation of civilization for thousands of years of history; history, regime change, its cultural heritage without counting.

However, Qin burnt a few degrees, cultural relics scattered swing loss; war is continuous, underground treasure stolen out of countless. Distraught.

It is distraught deplored collection, rescue and protection.

The museum founder was like stone painting, with less traditional culture will revive. Those articles you poor fellow lifetime, forty years, have all set around on both sides of the Changjiang River, such as imperial Royal relics and bronze ceramics, stone carving, jade, wood and painting, bamboo plaques and other folk relics scattered all kinds of tens of thousands of pieces. And the completion of our first at the end of last century to show the Royal Decree culture hall -- the imperial museum.

Thanks to the Quartet visitors, Xuzhou city and district levels of government, the nine mountain folks and Fang scholar, fellow of love and support, the museum collections also influence gradually expanded, in order to increase. In brief the according to the code, the test source nuclear flow, so that the historical connotation, exhibits the artistic charm and cultural values can be improved.

As of 2008 it again into the macro, gold financing, which lasted three years, leave no stone unturned, built imperial museum. The completion of round and magnificent. Exhibits more support, by mapping the wisdom of the ancestors, are permeated with the soul of the people. Also condenses me and so on difficult collection course and for this painstaking effort.

My parents, my homeland national education, keep my hometown landscape, run my esteemed friend mr.. Bear the grace of breeding, when the first knot of grass, in order to report. I would like to order new to my country, my home, my friends, to my parents.

Who may the museum can become a platform for the dissemination of knowledge and enjoy the treasure hall, my ancestors channel, reappear the historical stage, can also provide materials for academic researchers. The Lanting Pavilion sequence said: the vast universe, look to the category of Sheng, so some entertaining enough. I hope that the museum premises together with courtyard - Stone Park point, can also become a place for public recreation, edify.

If so, then only a little ambition, in the heart has enough, in the wish is also.

                            Curator Zhouqingming

Museums are places for collecting, storing, displaying and researching physical objects representing the natural and human cultural heritage